Getting Started

School culture matters if young people are to have a voice in their school.  Are you ready to listen to and involve young people in decision making in your school, in your classroom?

Want to know more about what matters and where to start?

Teacher Personal Readiness

When teachers listen to and involve young people in decisions that affect them they are showing that they value and respect young people’s insights and opinions about their education. This section aims to provide a space for teachers to reflect about where they stand on this continuum.

Teacher Personal Readiness Audit (PDF) An opportunity to reflect on your values and beliefs about young people’s voices in their education.
Teacher Personal Readiness Workshop (PDF) With colleagues, identify opportunities to listen to and involve your students more in their education.

Building Students’ Understanding of Voice

It is important for every young person realizes that they have a right to have a voice in their education. This section provides ideas to support this learning.

Student Voice Workshop: Having a Voice in School and Why it Matters (PDF) A workshop designed to build young people’s understanding of voice in school and how it can work

Staff Workshops

Schools have different understandings about what voice in education means and they are on a continuum in how they listen to and involve young people in decision making. This section aims to move towards a shared understanding within and between schools about what is involved.

Young People’s Voice in their Education and Why it Matters (PDF) Presentation and workshop focused on exploring the rationale for young people having a voice about matters that affect them in their education.
Young People’s Voice in their Education and Why it Matters: Notes (PDF) Facilitator’s notes for presentation and workshop.

Design Ideas for Voice Initiatives

Different young people respond more easily to different approaches in voice initiatives. This section includes some advice on planning inclusive voice initiatives.

Designing Voice Initiatives (PDF) Ideas for designing inclusive and interesting voice initiatives.