Further Reading

This section includes publications, reports, policy documents for further reading about young people’s participation in decision-making in schools.


Connect Website of Australian independent bi-monthly publication Connect which supports active student participation in primary and secondary schools.
Amplify Amplify is a practice guide from that gives an opportunity for school professionals and students to have conversations, collaborate and take actions to empower students, whatever their current starting points.
Activating Students in Learning Improvement Resource that is aimed at engaging students as learning resources to each other, increasing learning talk, and building self-regulated learning strategies to impact positively on student achievement.
NCCA Student/Learner Voice Material emanating from a series of projects and initiatives undertaken bu the NCCA in the area of student/learner voice.
Speakup in a Box SpeakUp in a Box is a resource from Ontatio which contains facilitator tip sheets, a step-by-step forum guide and forum supplies to assist schools to run a student-led forum for 30 participants.
Icebreaker Games Icebreaker games are among the most widely used games for youth groups, class groups, small groups and social events. But which ice breaker ideas are going to be the best for your group? Here’s a list of recommended youth group icebreaker games.